Resolving a Google Apps for Education Account Conflict with an Email Address

Faculty and staff who have used an SMCM email address to sign up for a “private” or “standard” Google account may receive a message about “conflicting” accounts when logging into Google because the Office of Information Technology is in the process of developing the administrative setup to roll out the Google Apps for Education domain to the rest of campus.

In order to accommodate those who have used this Google account for work-related Google Documents, we are allowing people who have encountered this conflict to begin using their SMCM Google Apps for Education account ahead of the full campus deployment so that they will have access to the documents that they might be using for work.

Email and calendars used in the Microsoft Exchange accounts will not be migrated at this time. Users allowed into the SMCM Google Apps for Education domain as a part of this SMCM account conflict resolution will not receive email in Gmail at this time. Email and calendar appointments in the users primary Microsoft Exchange calendar will be migrated to the Google domain as part of the regular Google Apps for Education deployment schedule before the start of next semester.

Some users who have attempted to resolve conflicting accounts have been confused by the steps Google requires to successfully share Google Documents with the account in the SMCM Google Apps for Education domain. OIT has created a How-To Library page How Do I Resolve a Google Account Conflict to assist with the account conflict resolution.

If you have any questions or problems when navigating this process, please open a ticket with the IT Support Center at or call us to open a ticket at x4357.


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