Squirrels Like a Fiber-Rich Diet

Last month the Public Safety Office and the Maintenance Building, both on the North end of campus, suffered network outages due to shredding of the fiber optic cable servicing these locations.  The cause?

Industry representatives estimate that squirrels account annually for almost a fifth of all damages to the nation’s fiber optic network. “Of all the animals in the whole world, almost all of our animal damage comes from this furry little nut eater,” reports Fred Lawler, a vice president at Level 3 Communications.

Kudos to the folks in Physical Plant for sealing the Maintenance Building against subsequent access by these vandals to our network cable.  Here’s hoping they don’t find another way in to the fiber snack bar in the future.

Image: Reuters photoshopped with horsepunchkid/Flickr. Via @rsingel.


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