Name that Gmail Contest!

Many colleges and universities that “Go Google” take the opportunity to personalize the Gmail service by naming the email in a way that reflects the institution.  Some examples are given by Google below:

UC Davis Aggie Mail

Boise State Bronco Mail

UC Santa Cruz Slug Mail

In this spirit, OIT is announcing a naming contest for the SMCM transition to Google Apps for Education.  Please suggest your name for the St. Mary’s College Gmail by submitting the form here: Name that Gmail Contest Submission Form.

We would like to have a committee of faculty, staff, and students to narrow the list to a few candidate names that could be voted on by the campus community.  If you would like to serve on this committee, please contact Jennifer Wright at

Update: We have had several questions asking if this process will change email addresses for the campus community.  To be clear, your email address will remain “” – the naming contest is meant to replace our current “Webmail” title with one more personal to the St. Mary’s College experience.

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