Going Google Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

"Are you ready to Go Google?We have received several questions from the SMCM community regarding the transition for Google Apps for Education.  Please read the information below regarding the migration process.

  1. Will my email address change? 
    No, your @smcm.edu email address will not change. Once your account is migrated,  you will simply log into Google Apps rather than Webmail to access your email, calendar, and other apps.  You will not need to notify anyone of a new email address.
  2. When will my account be migrated?
    Your account will be migrated from the Microsoft Exchange servers to the the Google servers as part of a group based on the Google Migration Timeline found on the Going Google website.  Before your group is migrated, an email will be sent to your address, letting you know that the migration is about to begin.  When you account migration has been completed, you will no longer be able to log into your Webmail account.  You should then log into your Google Apps account.  The login address will be: http://google.smcm.edu, if you wish to add a bookmark to your browser.
  3. Will my email be down while you migrate my account?
    No, your email will be accessible in Webmail (or using your email client) until your account migration is complete.  If you cannot log into Webmail, your account has been migrated and you can log into your Google Apps account from that point onward.  Please note that it is possible that if you are sending email from Webmail during the actual migration of your account, a sent email might not transfer immediately to your Gmail account.  We ask, therefore, that you minimize your email use during the migration period from when you receive your migration notification until you can no longer log into Webmail. We expect, however, that by January 2, 2013 all email will be successfully transferred to your Google accounts.
  4. How do I sign into my Google Apps for Education Account?
    You will sign into your Google Apps account using your network username and password on the SMCM Google Apps login page.   If you sign in from any other Google Apps sign in page (such as http://mail.google.com), you should use your whole email address (ex. aeinstein@smcm.edu) for the username and your network password. If you cannot log in to Google Apps, please make sure that you have recently changed your password using Password Manager so that you network password is synchronized with Google Servers.  SMCM website links to mail will be updated during the implementation process to link to these pages.
  5. Will my Inbox folders and personal contacts be migrated to my Google Apps account?
    If the folders and contacts are visible when you use a browser to log into Webmail, they will be migrated to your Google account.  If these items are not visible in Webmail, you may use the Google Migration tool to migrate them yourself.  The tool and instructions can be found on the Migrate Data section of the Going Google website.

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