Google Apps Tips & Tricks – A New Series from OIT

As we continue with the SMCM transition to Google Apps for Education, OIT would like to introduce a series of blog posts designed to help you get up to speed, become more efficient, and expand your use of these tools in your workflow.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. You can login to your SMCM account at any Google login page.
    SMCM has its own custom login page where you can login with just your username and password at
    OR you can login to ANY standard Google login page using your full email address and password.
    Using your full email address lets the Google servers know that you account can be found within the SMCM domain.
  2. Shared inboxes that were requested to be migrated before the break have been moved to Google. If you were given access to these shared email inboxes, you need to use Google’s multiple sign-in feature to access the email.Follow these steps:
    1. Sign out of your Google Apps account.  In the upper right corner of the Gmail page, click on the small triangle.
    2. Click on the Sign Out  button.
    3. Log back into Google Apps.
    4. Click on the triangle in the upper right corner again. You should now see the shared inbox in the menu as in the screenshot below:

      Please note: If you did not fill out the request form to move your shared inbox before the break, you can fill out the Shared Inbox Request Form to identify the people who should have access to an inbox and a contact person responsible for the maintenance of the information related to the inbox.  We will migrate any mail in the inbox left from webmail and set up access for users.
  3. You can rename any folders or labels that were migrated from Webmail.Follow these steps:
    1. Click on the gear icon in the upper right of the Gmail page.
    2. Click on Settings.
    3. Click on the Labels tab.
    4. Click the Edit link next to any label you would like to change and modify the name.  All messages in this folder or containing this label will be renamed.  For more information on folders and labels in Gmail, see the documentation Google provides on Organizing your Mail.

OIT will continue to offer suggestions and tips for expanding and customizing your use of Google Apps to help create a more effective workflow. As a reminder, there are task-specific videos and documentation on the Going Google Guide, as well as documentation organized by app (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc.) and training opportunities provided by OIT staff to assist with learning to use Google Apps.

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