Google Forms Training and Open House Hours

Starting this week, OIT has added some new opportunities to the training available in the Learning Technology Center in Baltimore Hall.  We would like to let everyone know that there is now training available for Intro to Google Docs and Sharing and Intro to Google Forms, as well as some designated open hours in which you are invited to come and ask the IT Staff anything about Google Apps or other Learning Technology Resources (Gmail, Calendars, Docs, Spreadsheets, Drive, Forms, Sites, wikis, Blackboard, or anything else you can think of).

Open House hours are meant for anyone who would like help resolving problems, need a consult for a project in the planning stages, or would like some one one one help becoming a more efficient user of campus systems.

The current training opportunities can be found on the OIT Training Calendar, in the “Upcoming Events” feed on the OIT website (lower left column), on the SMCM events listings, and embedded below. Scheduled classes on specific topics will have a registration link in the description.  Registration reserves the seat for the user, and provides calendar reminders for the training.

One thought on “Google Forms Training and Open House Hours

  1. Having open hours to help with any aspect of Google Apps is a terrific idea! Thanks for providing this opportunity to get specific issues resolved. I'll be attending one of these sessions.

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