OIT Training Events Scheduled for March 2013

OIT is offering some new training opportunities for the month of March.  Please peruse our new sessions described below and then check out the OIT Training Workshop Registration Calendar to get signed up!

As frequently requested by those who attended an Intro to Google Forms training session in February, we now are offering Intermediate Google Forms and Advanced Google Forms.  There is now a 3 session series available to get you up and running with this powerful Google Apps tool.  Did you miss Intro to Google Forms last month? No worries, there are more sessions being offered in March!

  • Intro to Google Forms - An introduction to developing and sharing a Google Form to collect information, set up a quiz, or poll a class for understanding. Learn when to consider Google Forms a good option, creating and sharing a simple form, and how to understand the results spreadsheet.
  • Intermediate Google Forms - Take your basic Google Form to the next level. Learn about streamlining the setup and deployment of Google Forms. Topics include reorganizing your forms, considerations when editing and changing the information you collect, creating basic calculations or charts with the collected data, and setting up notifications.
  • Advanced Google Forms - Do you need the information you collect with a form drive a next action, like sending an email? Come and see the possibilities of Google Script added to a form and discuss your project ideas with the Learning Tech Staff.

Now that you are comfortable with checking your email and setting up meetings on your own Google Calendar, are you ready for more? Need to get a system for dealing with the incoming mail? Serve on a committee or participate in a group where you need to share/schedule events? In March, we are offering Managing Your Inbox in Gmail, Advanced Calendars, and .

  • Managing Your Inbox in Gmail - Learn to label your messages, search all entire mail folder for specific messages, set up filters to deal with the way YOU work, and which Google Labs could make your more efficient in dealing with your email.
  • Advanced Calendars - Learn to manage a calendar for a group, office, committee or club! Focus on managing events and invitations, rescheduling, and making the calendar available to others.
  • Other Google Apps – Reader, Google+, Chat, and Hangout - An introduction to the features some of the “other”  lesser known Google Apps – Google Reader (RSS Feeds), Google Chat/Hangouts, and Google+.  Find out about RSS feeds and how to collect the info you like to read, create a Google+ profile with different circles, and streamline your interoffice communication.

Do you have folders of photos on your computer from past departmental or office events? Do you need a way to organize them for the events, the places, and even the people in the photo so that you can find them? Need some very simple editing tools to make them look a bit better? Let us introduce you to Photoshop Elements.  This powerful organizing and editing tool is aimed at those who need to be able to find and easily edit photos, without the professional photography skills required to use the full Photoshop.  OIT is offering a series of workshops for exploring this program.

  • Photoshop Elements Part 1 – Organizing Photos - Do you have photos from department or office events that you need to keep track of or use in flyers, publications, etc.?  Come and learn how Photoshop Elements can let you search your photos for time, place, event, or even the people in the picture. The Photoshop Elements Organizer can help you make sure you don’t lose track of your photos and can find them when you need them.
  • Photoshop Elements Part 2 – Editing Photos for Beginners - Do the peope in your photos suffer from red eye? Are your photos bland or underexposed? Need to crop them to a standard size for use in web pages or flyers? Come and learn the basic editing tools in Photoshop Elements and make your photos pop in just a few minutes.
  • Photoshop Elements Part 3 – Exporting and Using Photos - Are you creating flyers or email announcements with photos from college events? In part three of the Photoshop Elements series, come and learn to export your photos in the format, size, and resolution you need.

Check out our schedule below to sign up for any of these training workshops!

3 thoughts on “OIT Training Events Scheduled for March 2013

    • While there is a Photoshop Elements workshop series being offered this month, training on the full Photoshop and Illustrator is not in the immediate plans. If there are a group of users that would like training on these programs, however, I am happy to help coordinate it!

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