Blackboard Reminders to Faculty

Dear Faculty,
As you begin the semester, we in Learning Technology Services wanted to provide a few reminders and links that you may find useful as you set up your Blackboard classesl:
  1. Blackboard 9 Service Pack 11 Updates: A great article by Ben Casto on some of the latest feature updates applied to Blackboard over the summer.  Take a look, as a couple of these may streamline your workflow.
  2. Making your Bb Course Available:  By default, your course is available to you as soon as it is created to allow for course development time.  It will be visible to your students only after you change the course properties to make it “Available.”
  3. Merging Sections of your Bb Course: If you are teaching multiple sections of a course and would like them merged into a single course, please submit the form located on this How-To Library page to merge your Blackboard course sections. Once your course sections are merged, make only the merged section available to the students.
  4. Adding People to your Course:  The Role Assignment Tool in the Portal is designed as a means of adding people to a course that will never receive credit for the course (students auditing the course, students taking the course as professional development, course TAs, Librarians, colleague instructors, etc.).  Please do not use this method to add people considering taking your course for credit, as they will lose access to the course if they are added formally through the Registrar’s office and using the Role Assignment tool.
  5. Requesting a Development Course: Teaching a course in the next year? If you would like some development space to create a compatible Blackboard course for a class you are developing for the first time, revising, or even just considering,
A complete listing of our How-To Library articles is a good resource for specific questions related to Blackboard.  In addition, many task-specific videos and written tutorials can be found by searching the Blackboard help site:

If you run into problems in developing or administrating your Blackboard course, please submit a ticket with as much detail as possible regarding the issue at  Helpful details that allow us to troubleshoot your issue and resolve it quickly include:

  • Exact course ID for the course in which you have a problem
  • Description of what you were intending to do when the problem arose
  • Steps that you took leading up to the problem
  • Text of any error messages you received
  • Screenshots

Happy teaching!

Jennifer Wright
Ben Casto
Katherine Stone

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