The St. Inigoes General Store now accepting SMCM Debit

Since The St. Inigoes General Store reopened last spring, OIT’s own Dana Cullison, and store co-owner/manager Tim Blasko have been hard at work to allow students to use their OneCards for SMCM Debit transactions.  We are pleased to announce that this is now possible!

Located 3 miles south of campus on Rt. 5, the St. Inigoes General Store is a great place for students to grab a bite to eat, or stock up a great finals snack stash. A full list of the store’s offerings can be found here, alongside a lunch, dinner (and even a separate hot dog) menu!


Click the image above for more location information

We’re excited to have another location at which students can use OneCards, and look forward to hearing back about your experiences.  What do you think about being able to use OneCards off campus?  Any questions/concerns/suggestions for more locations?

Please remember, SMCM Debit cannot be used on alcohol or tobacco products.

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