Transition to New College Website Begins

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will begin its overhaul of the College website after 5 PM today (Wednesday 18 September).  We expect to complete the transition to the new site by 8 AM tomorrow (Thursday 19 September).

During this 15 hour window your access to, and ability to navigate successfully within, the public portions of the website may be limited. However, you can continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to many SMCM services by going directly to these pages:

Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc.):
To help you find your way around the new website tomorrow, OIT has published a Quick Guide is an earlier blog post.

While OIT staff have taken considerable efforts to identify in advance the breakages that inevitably arise in moving 6,000+ previously-developed pages from one site to another, we anticipate that some will escape detection and repair until after we go live on the new site tomorrow.  Please report any broken links, missing content, formatting problems, etc. that you encounter by filling out the New Website Correction Form so that we can quickly correct these problems in the next few days.

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