Phishing Attempt

A phishing attempt was sent to a number of users on campus. The email asked the user to provide information to “restore” email access to his/her account. The information, including the link provided, the name of the sender in the body of the email, and the phone number to contact were clearly not referencing the SMCM IT Support Center.

Do not respond to these emails. St. Mary’s College Office of Information Technology will never ask for your password. If you have already clicked ont he link and provided your infomration, you need to change your password using the Password Manager at

To report this email as a phishing attempt to Google, please follow the directions on this support page:

You can find out more about Unwanted or Suspicious Mail and how to deal with it by clicking on the links in this post:
Other Suspicious Mail

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Support Center at x4357 or open a ticket at


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