‘Tis the Season to Change Your Password

Early in 2013, OIT changed the password reset policy for network accounts from 90 days to 365 days.  Some accounts are now approaching password expiration deadlines, and some users may have received notifications from both the old system and the new one that their passwords need to be changed.  We apologize for any confusion that the emails from the old system may have caused.  Here are the facts regarding password changes:

  1. The date in the system is correct and you will need to change your password if you received a notification from either system that your password is about to expire.
  2. The expiration timeline is still 365 days from your last password change (not 90 days as in some of the notification emails).
  3. You can change your password at http://password.smcm.edu by logging in with a current network password before the expiration date or by answering the security questions you set up when you enrolled in the new password management program in early 2013.  Please be aware that the answers to your security questions must be exact - including capital or lowercase letters, numbers, symbols or special characters, and spaces.
  4. If you have difficulty changing your password using the Password Manager system, you will need to come to the IT Support Center in person with a picture ID in order to have a staff member reset your password for you.

If you have questions about changing your enrolling in Password Manager, changing your password, or resetting your security questions, please consult our How-To Library article for specific instructions with screenshots of the procedures.  You may also call or visit the IT Support Center until 5:00 pm today (Friday, December 20, 2013).

Please Note: The IT Support Center will reopen when the College reopens at 8:00 am on January 2, 2014.  We are unable to reset passwords over the phone when the College is closed.

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