Web Redesign Project Communications

WordPress LogoWeb Services has been hard at work developing the next generation web site for St. Mary’s College. Did I say web site? We are really creating a responsive (mobile friendly), feature rich, web application built on the WordPress framework. We are extremely excited about the project, its progress, and the new features that will benefit the users as well as the administrators responsible for maintaining content. However, after the creation of the static top level pages that were deployed in September 2013, the majority of the effort has been behind the scenes. We are moving very quickly and don’t want you to be left out. Web Services has created the Web Redesign Project Google Group which is open to all SMCM students, faculty and staff. We hope this group will help foster communication during this time of great change to our public web. The web services team will use this forum to announce and discuss all of the exciting new features that are being built into the new site, and we are happy to respond to any and all questions, recommendations, and/or concerns regarding the project. Although we have other organizations contributing to the redesign, along with an amazing staff of student workers, this group is hosted and managed by the core Web Services team: Alicia Lyons, Web Services Specialist; Stephanie Enoch, Senior Web Services Specialist; and Chris Burch, Associate Director of Enterprise Systems & Web Services.

Code is PoetryWith the exception of open forum announcements and a few small surveys, all communication regarding the Web Redesign Project will happen in the new Google Group (rather than the Faculty/Staff/Student email lists). With Google Groups, you can post and respond to topics and discussions fully on the web, or get updates and reply via email (email can be set to daily and weekly summaries if you prefer).

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